Current Series: "Jesus Who?"

A study of Jesus. Who is Jesus? Why did He die?
Jesus is our Savior, Comforter, Helaer, Provider, Seeker, and Jesus is love! 

1. March 27
​Story (Scripture): Jesus' Resurrection (Matthew 28:1-10)
Additional Scripture: John 3:16
​The ONE THING: Jesus is a Savior

2. April 3
Story (Scripture): Jesus Calms the Storm (Matthew 8:23-27) 
Additional Scripture: John 14:1; 2 Corinthians 1:5
​The ONE THING: Jesus is a Comforter

3. April 10
Story (Scripture): Healing of deaf & mute man (Mark 7:31-37)
Additional Scripture: Psalm 103:2-3, Matthew 4:23
The ONE THING: Jesus is a Healer

4. April 17
Story (Scripture): Coin in a fish’s mouth (Matthew 17:24-27)
Additional Scripture: Matthew 6:26, 33; John 6:35
The ONE THING: Jesus is a Provider

5. April 24
Story (Scripture): Lost sheep, coin (Luke 15:3-10)  
Additional Scripture: Luke19:10, Revelation 3:20
The ONE THING: Jesus is a Seeker

6. May 1
Story (Scripture): Jesus’ Death (Luke 22:39-23:43)  
Memory Verse: John 15:13
The ONE THING: Jesus is Love


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