Current Series: "I'm In"

A study about those who said “yes” to Jesus. “Are you in?” When there’s a birthday party or a sleepover, when our friends go to the movies or when someone invites us to church, we all have the chance to decide if we’re “in” or “out”. We’ll talk about the decisions famous followers of Jesus faced, why they could have walked away, and what led them to say, “I’m in.”

1. January 8
  • Title: Zacchaeus Is In
  • Scripture: Luke 19:1-10
  • The ONE THING: We need Jesus
  • Additional Scripture: Psalm 62:2
  • Challenge: Is there something that is keeping you from Jesus, something that is keeping you from saying, “I’m In”? Pray every day this week about your relationship with Jesus!
  • Info: Zacchaeus was very rich thought he had everything, but something was still missing in his life. When Zacchaeus got closer to Jesus, it changed his life. The first step to drawing closer to God is simply acknowledging how much we need Him!
2. January 15
  • Title: James Is In
  • Scripture: John 7:3-6; Acts 15:12-19
  • The ONE THING: Don’t let rules keep you out
  • Additional Scripture: James 4:12
  • Challenge: Don’t say one bad thing about anyone for an entire week!
  • Info: James was the brother of Jesus. James shifted his focus from rules to relationship because being “in” has nothing to do with whether you’re a rule-keeper or rule-breaker. Rules are good, but relationships are better.
3. January 22
  • Title: Thomas Is In
  • Story (Scripture): John 20:24-29
  • The ONE THING: Don’t let doubt keep you out
  • Additional Scripture: Jude 1:22
  • Challenge: Make a list of all the things that God has done in your life and put it in your room. When doubt shows up, this will help you remember big things that God has already done for you!
  • Info: Thomas was a guy who struggled with doubt throughout His walk with God. We’ll that when Thomas was honest about his doubts, Jesus was able to meet him and invite him in.
4. January 29
  • Title: Matthew Is In
  • Story (Scripture): Matthew 9:9; Acts 1:13
  • The ONE THING: Take a step toward Jesus
  • Additional Scripture:
  • Challenge: To take the first step in following Jesus, start by saying, “I’m In” and commit to follow Jesus every day. If you’ve already done that, take the next step and carve out some time every day to read the Bible.
  • Info: Matthew was at his at his tax collector’s booth, and had a lot to lose. But through this story we’ll learn that taking that first step to follow God is always worth it in the end.



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